(test-post. it would be organized later.)
(based on Japanese ver.)

Drink & food

  • Fujiya NECTAR[1,2,8,10] (product)
  • Heineken beer[2,8]? (product)
  • Kirin LAGER BEER[8] (product)
  • Jack Daniel[10]
  • Suntory JUHYŌ[10] (product)
  • Ray's classic[2], Loy's classic[10] <- Lay's classic, potato chips
  • ♈(like McDonald): fried potato and drink[10]
  • Ch* Si* <- Chip Star(consomme)[10] (product)
  • Pook* <- Pocky[10] (product)


  • space youngmagazine YANMAGA ヤンマガ[1,5,10]
  • FRIDAY[4] (product)
  • Play bay[6] <- Playboy
  • GORO[8], for men, ceased publication (product)
  • Space Jitsuwa magazine[9] <- Shūkan jitsuwa, typical gossip magazine

Game hard

Mail order



  • Jaicro Empire <- Microsoft
  • Gogol Empire <- Google


  • Tochigi Galaxy <- Tochigi pref., Japan
  • Warp -> get bald
  • Robot's thumbs-up <- Terminator 2



  • No1 / spacefood / balanced nutrition food / sweet chocolate malt
  • Bea refered to the magazine "ENEN" <- an・an, magazine for women. it is well known it has the ranking of guys (liked and hated) once a year. (product)
  • accorging to the registration sheet, Desgerla(l typo i)





  • refrigerator in Cowboy Bebop
  • QT's analysis display: food by mail order[3], zombiefied Meow[4], NECTAR
  • Dandy throw at QT: ポンポコラーメン (img)


  • Dr.Gel "it's too soon..." (about C.O.R.E.) <- Nausicaä (Hayao Miyazaki)
  • A.L.E. <- Ideon
  • A.L.E.'s lion <- GaoGaiGar?
  • pennants in Meow's room: 日光、高尾山, Japan
  • radio and cassette player of SANY <- SONY
  • poster of Lamborghini Countach EP400(LP400 typo?)
  • "There is nothing but JUSCO(as a place for fun)." : it is/was a typical expression for rural area.
  • second sight <- Newtype in GUNDAM
  • Meow's friends ate ice cream bars like ガリガリ君 and スイカバー.
  • Meow's Dad make Tem Ray's Circuit in GUNDAM.
  • Paper lanterns in living room : 浅草、ベテルギウス、星雲M8、ガニメデ


  • The book Meow picked up : 今日の料理 Today's cooking
  • Aletheia "You mustn't open the box along the way" <- 浦島太郎, Japanese folk tale


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