Space Dandy OST1 Best Hit BBP

Space Dandy OST1 Best Hit BBP is a soundtrack album containing music from Space Dandy by Space Dandy Band.

Track listing Edit

  1. Star Future.
  2. Viva Teardrops (TV size) (ビバナミダ (TV size))
  4. Fatty but oh so Goody
  5. If It's With You (キミトナラ)
  6. love you,dandy
  7. Stardust Pipeline (星屑のパイプライン)
  8. Grieving Dandy (哀愁のDANDY)
  9. Hey Wha
  10. Connect (コネクト)
  11. Gun Man Muller Hunt Oh!
  12. Action Man (アクションマン)
  14. Tumbleweed
  15. Dandy in Love
  16. I Want to Know (知りたい)
  17. New Disco on the Block
  18. The RAW
  19. Morning is Gonna Come, It's Gonna Dawn Soon (朝は来るから すぐ明けるから)
  21. SPACE CHATNEY (Space Shanty~However, It's About Seasickness) (SPACE CHANTEY (宇宙舟歌~ただし、船酔い気味の))
  22. Cosmic Adventure
  23. Welcome to Dimension X|Welcome to Dimension X (TV size) (X次元へようこそ (TV size))

Notes Edit

  • Track 2: Lyrics by Gota Nishidera and Yasuyuki Okamura, composed and performed by Yasuyuki Okamura
  • Track 23: Lyrics and composed by Tica·α, arranged by Yoko Kanno, performed by Etsuko Yakushimaru

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