ダンディ Dandi


Space Dandy
Blockhead (by the narrator, English)
Baka (by the narrator, Japanese)


Junichi Suwabe (Japanese)
Ian Sinclair (English)





Dandy (ダンディ Dandi) is the titular main human protagonist of Space Dandy. He is a carefree alien hunter and captain of his own personal spaceship, the Aloha Oe. His life mission is to visit all the intergalactic locations of a breastaurant known as BooBies and indulge in his posterior fetish. 


Dandy is a tall man with a somewhat lanky yet athletic build (in the episode We're All Fools, So Let's All Dance, Baby, he was shown to be lol

When hunting aliens, Dandy wears a white full body suit, with blue rings around the shoulders and a blue line down the middle of the torso.

QT is Dandy's constant robot companion, serving as his pilot, engineer, ae reason why he (and possibly the rest of his crew) seemingly died in the explosion from "Live with the Flow, Baby", only to be found alive and well in the next episode. It is also implied that he also has awareness of his alternate selves as well as the dimensions they live in.

Because of these powers, Dandy is coveted by the Gogol Empire, who plan to use him as a tool to gain control over all existing universes, and constantly targeted by the persistent Dr. Gel. However, it is also possible that Dandy's memories are wiped every time he travels to a different dimension, and thus is unable to remember his previous adventures, which also explains his poor memory. Yet despite this, he seems to know that he cannot die.

The final episode reveals that Dandy was chosen to be the God of a new universe b

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