コカムカ Kokamuka


Shōta Yamamoto (Japanese)
Jeremy Inman (English)




Alive (plant form)

Cocamuka (コカムカ Kokamuka) is the president of the Vegims on Planet Planta, being featured in Episode 9, Plants Are Living Things Too, Baby. He was the leader of the Vegim state and once enlisted Dr. H as part of his research group, but later evicted him for "challenging his authority". 

Personality and AbilitiesEdit

Proud and strict, Cocamuka believes what he did was right for his state and people. He exiled Dr. H for his inqusitiveness on Code D, disobeying him indirectly. However, he is shown to be grateful for Code D for sustaining the entire Vegim population.

Curiously, being a plant being, Cocamuka owns a humongous caterpillar as a bodyguard.

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