Encyclopedia Betelgeuse

Betelgeusians are a race of aliens that originate from Planet Betelgeuse.


Betalgeusians resemble lanky bipedal cats that have eight thick antennae (two pairs at the top of their heads and another two pairs in the back) instead of more typical feline ears.


Betelguesian XRay

Medical scan of a dead Betelgeusian.

Betelgeusians are omnivores. They have sharp fangs and very small claws.

Betelgeusians have a bifurcated uvula; one that's split down the middle into two.

Betelgeusian brains are very small.

Despite having lungs, Betelgeusians don't seem to breathe or at least don't need oxygen; Meow never bothers to wear a space suit and he seems to have no problem audibly laughing at a drowning Dandy when the two of them were submerged in water.

Betelgeusian hearts develop in front of their lungs and beat much faster than human hearts. Most interestingly, Betelgeusian hearts are shaped like cat faces, complete with simple eyes that close and become X-shaped when the Betelgeusian dies.

The bones of a Betelgeusian's tail and lower legs resemble coiled springs, which aids them in jumping.

Betelgeusian blood is purple. Despite this, Betelgeusians still blush a pinkish red.


Betelgeusians act a lot like the cats they resemble. Meow claims that Betelgeusians are the largest consumers of dried fish flakes, indicating that they have a fondness for the taste of fish. It's not known if other Betelgeusians share Meow's dislike of water or (initial) distrust of canines.


Betelgeusians are a civilized race with a culture that seems to be almost entirely imported from Earth. Meow's hometown bears some resemblance to a small rural town in contemporary Japan and his family's house has modern conveniences such as electricity and running water.

One major difference between human and Betelgeusian cultures is that Betelgeusians don't have a nudity taboo. Male Betelgeusians may wear a top of some sort, but no pants. Female Betelgeusians, however, are normally fully clothed.

Known BetelgeusiansEdit

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