アデリー Aderī

Adelie space dandy 57665

Kana Hanazawa (Japanese)
Jād Saxton (English)





Adélie (アデリー Aderī) is a young Gentooan who Dandy meets on Planet Humbolt. Originally hunting her kind for a whopping 8 million woolong reward, Dandy takes a shine to her (and vice versa) and tries to put her in contact with nto a distinctive bun with her fringe brushed forward. Another notable feature are her peculiar green eyes, which have slit eye pupils. She wears a pink and white collar and hat combo in which her antennae protrude from. She also has two white patches on each side of her chin. Her outfit consists of a black jumpsuit-type baselayer with a bright blue V-shaped backless romper. Her back has two green circles on each shoulder blade. On her left wrist she wears a pink and purple bracelet and each of her fingers have square edges. Her shoes are pointy and she carries around a plush of a stylised Adélie Penguin which she uses as her puppet.

Personality and RelationshipsEdit

Despite her apparent age, Adélie is feisty, isn't afraid to speak her mind and do what it takes to get what she requires. She does not like to be treated like a child e.g. demanding an adult train ticket. She is particularly libeling of 'grown ups', remarking "they blame the world for all their  problems and they lie about everything. As far as I'm concerned, grown-ups are all jerks." Otherwise she is polite and pleasant, for example her conversation with the new tenant of her grandpa's previous home. She was raised only by her mother, who was unmarried and tragically died of sickness, which was the reason why she wanted to find out if her grandpa lived at that apartment.

She soon travels with Dandy so that he can send her to the Registration Center to get the money. But, as time goes by and as Adélie spends more time with Dandy, she grows attached to him, as shown when she bursts into tears when she thought Dandy was leaving her. Soon, after Dandy saves her, she wishes to join his crew. When Dandy tells her she's just a kid and that he'll only let her join if she grows up to be a voluptuous woman, she confidently tells herself that she'll grow up fast for him so she can hunt him down and join him once more, showing just how attached she has become to the lewd but kind alien hunter.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Being a Gentooan, she has the ability to transfer others' minds and consciousness into puppets. However, she can only perform this once everyday for 666 seconds (11 minutes and 6 seconds).


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